Speak Up Policy

ISS has adopted a Speak Up Policy and reporting system that makes it possible for employees, customer, business partners and other stakeholders to report concerns in a confidential manner.

If you are an employee, customer, business partner or other stakeholder and believe there is a breach of the ISS Code of Conduct, our policies or relevant laws and regulations, we encourage you to speak up and report this. By reporting you are acting in the spirit of our Code of Conduct and Values and helping to protect our business and our reputation.

There are several ways to report a concern. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the concern, we encourage that you speak up and address your concern with your supervisor or a manager, local People & Culture, local legal counsel, or local CFO.

Another way to make a report is through the Speak Up system hosted by an independent third-party. The Speak Up system can be accessed through your local company website in your local language as well as on the Group ISS World Services website. The ISS Speak Up system is accessible 24/7 for both employees and third parties and is available in 21 languages. We encourage you to identify yourself, but you can also report your concern anonymously. Concerns may also be reported by phone using local numbers which can be found below.

Reporting allows serious and sensitive concerns to be brought to the attention of Group Internal Audit, which will assess if your reported concern meets the requirements for processing the report under the Speak Up policy. It will thereafter be reported to our Business Integrity Committee.

We support honest and open communication and encourage questions and reports. If you report a concern in good faith based on your personal knowledge you are protected, as we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or retaliation against our employees or third party for speaking up. If you believe that you have experienced retaliation, you should report it as suspected misconduct.

How it works

The Speak Up channel is meant for reporting serious and sensitive concerns that could have an adverse impact on the operations and performance of the business of ISS and which, due to the nature of the concern, cannot be reported through normal reporting lines.

ISS ensures that all concerns are treated seriously and appropriately. All communication will be anonymous and confidential unless you directly instruct otherwise. Each report will be received by the Head of Group Internal Audit.

You are encouraged to identify yourself and explain your concern in sufficient detail to facilitate investigation of the matter. Please expect that there might be follow-up questions. In some cases the investigation may not be possible unless the source of the information is identified. In order to assist ISS in conducting an investigation of a report, please provide as much information as possible. ISS will treat all concerns and issues raised under the Speak Up policy in a confidential manner except to the extent necessary to conduct a complete and fair investigation. We will appropriately protect the confidentiality of the reporter.

You can establish if your concern is a local or Group matter by referring the Speak Up Policy.

Reporting of incidents at the workplace 

 - ISS operates on sites at many locations around the world, and errors or behaviour of employees that do not meet our values and code of conduct must be raised with the relevant ISS manager or department.
- Matters concerning serious harm or death to people, violent or discriminative behaviour, including sexual harassment in the workplace, or violations of human rights, including modern slavery in the workplace, are considered as serious or sensitive concerns. These can be reported globally under the Speak Up policy, if you have not been successful in addressing these with the ISS manager or the People & Culture department. 

Reporting of theft and misappropriation of company or client assets 

- Thefts or misappropriation of ISS’ or a clients’ assets by an ISS employee or manager, should be addressed with the direct manager or the legal department. If you cannot address this with the manager or legal department, you should inform the Chief Financial Officer. 

- In cases where you cannot address theft or misappropriation with management in your local ISS organisation, you can consider reporting the incident under the Speak Up policy. 

Reporting of fraud 

ISS has a zero tolerance policy towards employees and/or business partners that commit fraud. Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Fraud can take many forms at all levels of an organisation. A few examples are presented below, but is by no means, an exhaustive list of possible fraud in our business. 

- An example is the falsification of time and attendance records or pay rates, which may lead to payment of excessive wages to the person receiving the payment. If you experience this type of fraud in the workplace, you should normally contact the payroll department. 

- Fraud can also occur in cases where suppliers or subcontractor collaborate with ISS managers to overcharge ISS for the goods or services they provide. If you become aware of collaboration with suppliers or subcontractors, you should normally contact the legal department or chief financial officer. 

Reporting of violation of law 

- ISS strives to be a law-abiding corporate citizen across all the countries where we are present and operates our business in compliance with international and local laws and regulations. In particular, ISS has issued internal policies to ensure compliance with anti-corruption and competition laws. 

- Violations of anti-corruption and competition laws are considered serious and sensitive concerns, which can be reported under the Speak Up policy.

We have established management procedures to ensure that the information, including contact information, that you provide to us through the Speak Up tool is treated with strict confidentiality. You also have the option to enquire on the status of an ongoing investigation.  

- Please note that there may be legal restrictions on what you are permitted to report anonymously in the jurisdiction that you are reporting from. Furthermore, the Speak Up policy is regulated under Danish data protection legislation, which means that ISS is required to dismiss and delete any report that is not of a serious or sensitive nature. Your report may therefore be dismissed under the Speak Up policy simply because it has not been addressed to the correct reporting channel.  

- In exceptional cases where it is likely that following the above procedure would interfere with the investigation, the Business Integrity Committee may authorise that we deviate from the procedures described above. However, we will not disclose your identity or contact details unless you have given us your explicit permission in advance. 

Process overview:

1. Report: Reports that are submitted through our Speak Up system are transmitted through a secure and encrypted communications line to Group Internal Audit.

2. Review: Group Internal Audit will assess if your reported concern meets the requirements for processing the report under the Speak Up policy. It will be thereafter reported to our Business Integrity Committee.

3. Action: Investigation, actions and feedback to the user.

Report a concern online or by telephone – by recording your message and contact details.

Online reporting tool

Telephone reporting:

Australia +(61) 384004587 
Brazil +(55) 2135000242 
Chile +(56) 225708734 
China +(86) 1053875779
Denmark +(45) 38176348
Finland +(358) 942450434 
France +(33) 182889360
Indonesia +(62) 8033218106
India +(91) 0008000501320
Mexico +(52) 5511689935 
Netherlands +(31) 208081296 
Norway +(47) 23962607 
Spain +(34) 911233031 
Sweden +(46) 638800915 
Switzerland +(41) 435086912 
Switzerland Fr +(41) 435084660 
Switzerland It +(41) 435084643 
Turkey +(90) 2129001873
United Kingdom +(44) 02035144260 
USA +(1) 6467129310